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For our next Artist of the Month we proudly present 'Scheme'! I first heard Scheme when he was under the alias of 'Delerium' and I instantly was impressed with his sound design and the dark, bassy atmospheres he made. We were lucky enough to get him to do a track for Disguised for out Illusions compilation and he smashed it with the track 'Mesh', bringing a punchy, bass roller. I was amazed to find out he is only young at the age of 15 and creating really high quality tracks. Some of your may know of Delerium from his hugely popular remix of Babatunde which... well you have it hear it for yourself to believe it. However he left Delerium behind and started Scheme to further his production and start a fresh and from what he has put out so far I am excited to hear more! Scheme has put a wicked mix together for us as well which represents what sort of music he makes and is into. We are super keen to see where he goes from here, definitely one to keep an eye on.

The Interview

Tell us a bit about your history

Roughly two and a half years ago I started making music on my laptop for fun. I started out making bad dubstep tracks and beats after I finally pushed myself to start making music after thinking about it heavily for a while. In Florida where I am, there's little to no neuro scene from what I’ve seen around me, so it’s tough finding a foothold here. I started making the music I do today back when I was still on my “delerium” alias, with my remix of badboi by Nvctve. Before then, I really didn’t know what I wanted to make and just tried everything. Since then, I’ve started focusing my sound and I feel like I’ve begun to really find it. It’s not perfect, but I feel like I’m somewhat recognizable. Hope that people reflect that opinion!

What got you into music from the beginning?

My dad has played a lot of music in the car, so from a young age I heard a lot of different genres and artists. However, I really got into electronic music after hearing Spor and KOAN Sound a while ago. Its whats made me into the neuro buff I am today, and I really doubt I’d be here today without it. Eventually, I went from an avid listener to a creator, not sure how it happened but it did.

How would you describe your style of music?

My style of music is anything with bass generally, I've kinda gone all over the place with genres. I tend to stick to future beats or halftime and drum and bass though. My style is like a dumpster fire Copycatt mixed with Razat inspiration, I guess. Also, clearance bin Mefjus sometimes as well. Maybe I’m being too hard on myself.

How would you describe yourself?

I’m repetitive as a person and I think it shows in my music. I feel like your personality definitely influences how you make your tunes. I’m almost never serious, which makes it hard to be serious sometimes when people don’t believe me. I feel like I'm a reasonably good person, but then again doesn’t everyone?

What is the best gig/festival you have been too?

Never been to a gig or festival just yet! Not many interesting things near me at the moment and I’m not even old enough to go to a lot of them. But, I’d love to go to Let It Roll or any Noisia show. Anything bass related actually.

Who influences your music?

All the Upscale guys, All the Inspected guys too, Noisia, Razat, Ivy Lab, KOAN Sound, Spor, Mefjus, SABROI, Kije, I could go on for like 3 or 4 hours. Lots of people honestly.

What media has influenced your music? Movies, books, television, video games, etc

To be honest, my music has mostly been influenced by other music. I can’t really pinpoint any specific games I played that triggered some inspiration, but I played Halo a lot on the Xbox 360 and both Super Mario Galaxies on the Wii, which is a pretty big jump in atmosphere. The only thing I could really say for sure would be the movies Bladerunner and The Fifth Element. That’s all.

What do you do after work? Do you have any other hobbies…

After School I do my homework, because I have AP classes. Music is my outlet of frustration most of the time from this work. However, when my brother in college is home we play Ping-Pong a lot and go fishing by a canal near my house. Generally, I never have enough time to do these things alone, or rather I value these hobbies more with my brother. I guess I also play a fair bit of bed wars on Minecraft. No cap that game is really fun.

What motivates and inspires you?

My friends, and seeing them succeed. I hope they feel the same way, as well as anyone reading this. Support your friends, it’ll come around and you have nothing to lose by being nice.

Can you recommend any good playlists or channels?

Noisia Radio for sure. Not to be biased, but the Disguised weekly playlist is very solid! Not even trying to suck up here. If anything, if you want to find good music look through the likes of your favourite artists. Generally, pretty good music will be there.

Where do you find new music?

My feed, if it's not full of repost chain stuff. If anything, if you want to find good music look through the likes of your favourite artists. I know I’m being repetitive, but that's what I do and it leads me to great music. Also, just dig through your favourite labels and listen to all the releases. You’re bound to find something interesting.

Who would you most like to collab with?

This is a tough question… I’d love to collab with Frequent, ABIS, or PZL. I could list way more though. I like collaborating.

Finally, what plans do you have for this year?

I started an album that I haven’t shared with anyone yet, and I don’t plan on it for a while. I really hope to polish it up and release it sometime before the end of 2019. No promises though!


I’m also working on many collabs with many great people, which I can’t wait to start or release finally. I’m backed up on them, so I’m very excited to start working on them as soon as I get on my feet with school.