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We'd like to present Hyume as our next 'Artist of the Month'! Hyume has always impressed us with his attention to detail and his unique style, its always an experience to listen to his music. He manages to capture a feeling and a vibe in a interesting use of ambient atmosphere mixed with a glitch and punchy sounds. This is all present in his latest release 'Disturbances EP I' as well which captures a nice range of variety of styles and emotions, definitely worth a listen. We are keen to hear more from him and are looking forward to his future releases.

The Interview

So tell us a bit about your history, how long have you been producing?

I started music at the age of 15 when one day when I was bored at home, I found a guitar in my parents' attic. It all started from there. I started to really get into it by composing film music (short films, youtubers videos, etc) it was much later that I got into electro, after trying several things.

You just dropped your EP which is sounding great! Tell us about it, what started it all, how long were you working on it?

The frustration felt because of my last EP (clouds & plants) gave birth to the Disturbances I EP. For the first 2 months, I wasn’t really composing, I was rather looking for a sound and colour that corresponded to me. Once I really started to understand who I was through my experimentation, I started to really work on the first part of the Disturbances EP. There were a lot of phases of doubt because I really wanted it to be a definitive new beginning

You have a great, glitched and complex sound that is hard to pull off. How do you do it, do you have any words of advice for other producers?

I'm mainly inspired by the sounds of everyday life, I find that everything around us is melodic or rhythmic. I record a lot of noise and then destroy it and give birth to the textures I had in mind.

If I had to give advice, it would be to always be curious and never stop to experience things, always started from the fact that we don't know much and that we have a whole world to create and discover.

You have quite a big following now, what would you say helped you reach that success?

I don't consider myself to be successful haha, but I think that we should not neglect the promotion (teaser videos, tweets, share people's reactions etc) 

don't put too big a distance between people and you.

If you could choose anyone, who would you most like to collab with?

I think I'd choose Flume in a heartbeat. I really like the way it reinvents itself with each project, I think our 2 styles could be compatible.

Who or what would you say inspires and influences your music?

as I said in your previous question, the noises of everyday life. But also the soundcloud game which is largely underrated, I spend my time digging on it.

Is there a usual spot or something you do to get inspired to make your music?

I do everything in my room, I've made my little music studio. On the other hand, there's one thing, I can't start a track without my cup of green tea, I've already tried to do it without it, and it's never worked out haha, consider that it's my own drug.

What do you do when you need a break from music, any hobbies?

I recently started a new photo project, to get away from music when I feel like it. I mainly do self-portraits and artistic nudes. I love that moment when I discover another art. You can find this project on my secondary instagram @gal.vanizer

Are you playing any live shows? If so, what’s been your favourite, if not, where would you like to play?

my goal this year is to create a live show around this ep and "Disturbances EP II" which will arrive later in the year. I would like to start touring at home in France and later in the United States (which represent the majority of my listeners), in Canada, and around the world ! 

What’s your favourite track(s) right now?

San Marcos by Camoufly. I like how he managed the tensions and the minimalist aspect of his song. It’s really well mastered.

Finally, what’s next for Hyume? Any big plans or goals you are looking to achieve next? Anything you are looking to explore?

I am currently finishing the second part of the ep (Disturbances II). I'm leaving in 2 months in Iceland to join my girlfriend (who by the way made the cover of the ep, she did an incredible job! Her insta https://www.instagram.com/nymphreya) We will stay there for 5 months, I will take the opportunity to get away from my daily life and draw inspiration from this meager country to finish the 2nd EP. When I come back I will surely start to prepare a live show for the end of 2020 with Disturbances I and II and exclusives tracks !