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For our next Disguised 'Artist of the Month' we are proud to present ELEX! This guy has been a constant feature in our weekly playlists. He seems to be dropping banger after banger, and it seems he isn't planning on slowing down at all. He makes some wicked trap music, throwing in some deep bass and unique sound design to get things really stomping. If you don't already know of him then start with his this mix to really get a vibe of what he's all about! 

The Interview

So tell us a bit about your history, how long have you been producing?

Ok, some people like  lyrics in music, some people just like pop music and what about me? I love  wubz and percz. Perhaps for somebody my musical tastes are strange, but they mean the whole world to me! I’ve  been visiting the underground clubs since I was a teenager because I really liked electronic music. That’s how I met DJing. Honestly,  it was a very interesting experience! I wanted to do it, but I wanted to get more control over the sounds. I was interested in the way the music was created by the DJs.

I found FL Studio but I decided to delete it immediately because it was terrible. Then I pulled myself together and tried Ableton. I was just learning from my mistakes almost never using tutorials for several years. I wanted to understand and realize what this or that knob was doing.

Time passed... In general, it took about 7-8 years, with pauses in the beginning of my music career. Knowledge was  growing slowly but one day my idols noticed me.I just posted the track on SoundCloud and that one caught on! A huge number of reposts and likes! It was so dope! I was getting a lot of messages from people whose tracks I listened to. They said that they liked my music. It was unbelievable! So that was only the beginning!

I began to delve deeper and deeper into the trap sound. I found a lot of gems on SoundCloud, and I raised my music taste on them. Even now, I hit it off which the messages  from dudes I listened to 3-5 years ago. I just got crazy from their coolness. Now they respect me and my music and it's hard to believe but it’s true! This makes me pleased with myself! Unfortunately, my region is not the best place for the producer of EDM, but I do what I love every day and I try to pump up my skills. One day, I know that life will turn to where the conditions will be more favorable for my self-expression. Of course, I’ll do everything in my power for it.

I feel you have managed to define a unique sound for yourself, how would you describe your music?

So I stay away from generic stuff  and try to work on my sound design as much as I can. This is the most delicious and the most precious thing in my production. I love pretty weird sounds but it should be clear and danceable.

You have been releasing quite a lot lately, your last EP was wicked and you kicked off the year with the ‘Bustle’ track, what more can we expect from you this year?

I’ve got a lot of music ready for release. I think you can expect new music every three weeks during this year. So the latest release was on Tribal Trap not long ago. Next one will be on the Trap Party comp alongside with dope boys like Dabow, Bd Hbt, Erbes and others! Really stylish compilation in underground music. A week later we’re going to drop Crystals vol. 6, that’s the collective that started it all. Actually I’ve a lot of dope music coming soon. I can’t even tell you how awesome it is and how excited I am!

You have quite a big following now, what would you say helped you reach that success?

Frankly speaking, I don’t think it’s quite a lot but all I have right now that’s due to consistently  releasing. 

If you could choose anyone, who would you most like to collab with?

There’s a lot of that comes to mind! Here are some I’d love to collab with: Effin, TYNAN, Peekaboo, Craze, thook, Ian Munro, Ekali, montell2099.

Who would you say inspires and influences your music?

The biggest inspiration for me is my producers homies. I love seeing their success, listening to their music and exchanging experience with each other. The main thing for me is listening to some new and interesting music also. It can be everything! From fresh pop songs to underground freeform weird shit! The big love for me is the labels such BTS, Phuture Collective, Lost Dogz. There you can always find the music will inspire. It’s necessary to mention the geniuses like Tsuruda, Chee, Mr.Carmack, sumthin sumthin. Their tracks sound like they’re from another universe and time! There is one more way which can give me inspiration — nature. There is nothing better than chilling at the seashore and just take the good vibes in. In my opinion, the sunrises and sunsets can bring really powerful emotions to your soul! The world around us is so beautiful and so amazing! Just begin behold this one! 

Is there a usual spot where inspiration comes to you for a track?

Usually in the search for a new innovative sound. I create some sound design intuitively. 

At some point I’ve got something like insight that this is that sound I need to use. I know how the whole track would sound and I just need to record it.

What do you do when you need a break from music?

I didn’t use to think that the breaks were needed but now I’ve realized that it is necessary! You can do whatever you want, for example, walking with friends, doing sports, playing games, working on something else but the most important thing is not thinking about music related stuff. Just free your mind and give yourself time to chill!

Are you playing any live shows? what’s been your favourite, where would you like to play?

The EDM scene poorly developed in the place where I live. There aren’t any shows that’s why my friends and I made a collective of djs several years ago. We organize parties and playing them. Sometimes I get invited in other countries and places and that’s a huge experience!

What’s your favourite track(s) right now?

Actually I prefer to be in love with a lot of music at the same time but I can name some bangers which I enjoy recently. For example, Jon Casey & Dabow - Banga, Chromonicci - Hope, PEEKABOO - Nut Case, Ian Munro - Murmur, So Sus - Three’s Company, Odd Mob - Irtrinsic.

Finally, you are mainly a Trap artist but is there any other genres that interest you, that you’d want to try?

Yes sure! Future funk and dnb are pretty interesting genres to try.