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Colson XL

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Here we go again we a new Artist of the Month! This time we would like to present to you Colson XL. This is a duo made up of Cole and Harrison, two really great guys who are fully of energy and passion. I have been listening to their releases for a while now within our networks and I am always impressed by their tracks and level of production. They are always bringing something fresh and developing their style with a variety of styles. These two look like they have a bright future ahead of them and I would expect big things from them in the future.

The Interview

Tell us a bit about your history

So there are two of us that make up Colson XL:


Cole + Harrison = Colson (the XL is just there because it's absurd and has no meaning)

We grew up in a small town together, and when we say small, we mean tiny. For reference our entire high school, including teachers, was 200 people. We were also in the same school system together since pre-school, so once we became friends there was no avoiding each other 😂 When we went to university we still remained close while studying at different schools before moving out to LA together.

How did you two end up coming together to make Colson XL?

Thankfully it was a very natural progression. Being close friends we always shared our music tastes with each other and shared a passion for electronic music. We were each producing on our own with no intent of making a career out of it but one day we decided to make an alias together and we really haven’t looked back since.

What got you into music from the beginning?

Harrison: I first got into electronic music by endlessly listening to Radiohead’s entire discography on repeat. They incorporated a lot of electronic elements into their production as they evolved and also released remix albums featuring artists like SBTRKT, Jacques Greene, and Caribou. After getting my feet wet with these artists I gravitated more towards EDM and caught the tail end of future garage, rode the future house wave for a bit, and then it was all aboard the hype train with trap. I was spending so much of my time being a patron of the arts and just obsessively listening, but I knew I needed to shift my attention and create. I’ve been producing for about two and a half years now. 

Cole: Music has been a part of my life from a very young age. I started playing piano around 8 years old and played consistently until I was about 16. I leaned heavily into rock and alternative rock as a kid listening to artists such as Shinedown, Linkin Park, and Audioslave (RIP Chris and Chester ❤️). It wasn’t until the end of highschool and early years of university that I began diving into electronic music. ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites’ was my gateway into the scene, and it wasn’t long after listening to Skrilex that I started listening to more EDM from artists like Diplo, Avicii (RIP ❤️), and Daft Punk. Although I never strayed from more traditional music such as Young the Giant, I quickly became enthralled by bass and trap. It was at this point that I realized I HAD to produce. “Feeling” music has always been extremely important to me as a listener, and now it’s time for me to give back. 

How would you describe your style of music?

This has always been an interesting question for us to answer. One of our biggest goals from the beginning was to make our music as accessible as possible. That being said, we love the underground scene and experimental music and we always try to find ways to weave threads of innovation into our sound. We draw heavily from pop song structure but make a point to try and evolve it into something less generic and more interesting. How we like to describe our sound is one that is popular and accessible to the average listener while still being fresh and forward-thinking. If we can show our music to someone who listens to top 40 and they don’t turn it off in the first 10 seconds, then we’ve been successful. Genre wise we would describe our music as a synthesis of r&b, futurebass, trap, and pop.

How would you describe yourself?

We like to think we don’t take ourselves too seriously, both as individuals and as Colson XL. Don’t get us wrong, we are very invested and try our best to be calculated in our decision making process, but when it comes to minute details or issues of the ego, we’ve found it best to reflect and leave those at the door. This has been super helpful in making sure this project is as fun as it should be (and it’s ****ing great).

Who influences your music?

Our most recent sources of inspiration have been artists like DROELOE, Vincent, MEMBA, ZenAware, Capshun, Jon Casey, and So Sus.

What is the best gig/festival you have been too?

We’ve never actually been to a festival as participants OR played any shows of our own. Anyone booking? 😭

What media has influenced your music? Movies, books, television, video games, etc

In terms of creating music we don’t think we draw heavily from regular sources of media, at least consciously. Maybe the only exception would be movies or television shows that tie emotionally charged scenes with equally impactful music. Moments like these have definitely inspired and compelled us to create in an effort to elicit a similar emotional response.

Do you have any other hobbies, besides music, that you also enjoy?

Harrison: No, nothing else in life brings me satisfaction. 

Cole: I used to more so than now. Music is extremely fulfilling and I find there are always new things to learn, explore, and create within the DAW. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say I enjoyed an occasional dabble in video games 😉

Can you recommend any good playlists or channels?

Oh can we. FUXWITHIT’s weekly Friday playlists have been huge for us in finding new music. Jadu Dala, Phuture Collective, Above and Below the Surface, and Partica as well. In terms of Spotify playlists, we find ourselves often shuffling through ‘Future Bass - Chill Trap’ by Sushibomberz and ‘Chill Step / Deep House’ by Adrian Maclaren. If y’all still aren’t using your Discover Weekly playlists to find new music, then you should start. (Oh, and the ‘Future Beats/Dance’ playlist by Colson XL is great, too 🙃

Who would you most like to collab with right now?

Doing more collaborations has definitely been a focus of ours recently. Capshun, ZenAware, and Pauline Herr are a few that always come to mind for us.

Who would you most like to b2b with at a show?

Skrillex. Diplo. Jack U.

Finally, what the plan for the future of Colson XL?

We have a lot of music slated for release before the end of this year and we’re super excited for the collabs and label releases we have coming up. We are also streaming our production, mixing, and mastering on Twitch weekly as well as practicing our DJ skills for shows that don’t exist yet 😜