Cameron Gibson

Is the creator and owner of Disguised collective. Is in charge of releasing the music, creation of artwork, social media content and general management


Aaron Natvig

A.K.A North Sky
Is Co-Owner of Disguised and helps with submissions and management of the label


Soren Miller

A.K.A Pkt.
Is head of A&R and helps with feedback with submissions and also runs activities on our discord server.



Disguised is all about having a passion for music and wanting to help drive and promote all the upcoming and unknown artists. The label started as there is so much music being produced that doesn't get recognised. Labels also sticking to one sound and not having diversity, when artist like to produce a range of music and explore other sounds. As a result Disguised was started with a mission to find these driven and developing artists and help them, as well as motivating and helping them progress.

Disguised is strives to have a community for artists and listeners to come together and share ideas and thoughts and make friends. Somewhere to learn and listen, chat and chill and enjoy yourselves.

We are always trying to develop and continue our journey the best we can. If you have any thoughts or ideas on what we can do to better ourselves then please get in touch! Also if you are interested to join the team and get involved then also please let us know.